DG Sets

DG Sets
Product Description
    An Earthing system is required for the protection of equipment and human being, as per Indian electricity Rules 1956.Separate earth should be used for body and neutral earthing.  4 Nos. earthing pits are required for 3 phase DG set, 2 each for neutral & body 2 Nos. earthing pits are required for single phase DG set, 1 each for neutral & body.The min. distance between 2 earthing pits should be 2.0 meters. An earth pit cover should be provided.A watering pipe of 19mm with a funnel should be provided for each pit, wherever depth of the earthing pit is not at water level.Earthing  system  should  be  checked  with  meagre  and  maximum  1.0 om resistance should be ensured.The earthing plate/pipe and strip size should be selected as per the rating of the DG set.

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